Top 10 Low-Cost Tactics To Build Your List in 2012 [Newbie Friendly!]

The Ultimate Strategies Most Folks Don’t Know About List Building! 60 Minutes Per Day to a Five Figure Income

The Newbie Friendly
List Building Techniques
In 2012

The Top Ten Low Cost Tactics Any Newbie Can Use to Build a Huge List in Less than 90 Days!

From: Leonard Schwartz
Date: Monday July 2, 2012

Dear Warriors,

There are plenty of good and valid reasons why everyone should build their own mailing list right now. In fact, this list is the backbone of any online business.

Given the erratic search engine algorithms and the unpredictable changes that can occur just about anytime it is wise to start building your insurance policy or your ultimate ATM machine by having your own personal mailing list to use, anytime you want.

Just picture this scenario. Imagine that it is exactly one year from now. By following the suggestions in this guide you have successfully built a large mailing list. You send out an offer to your subscribers just before you go to sleep. It may take you 45 minutes to craft the perfect message and then click…you hit the send button and head off to bed.

You wake up in the morning, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a few minutes of conversation with your loved one. You login to your PayPal account and discover an extra $1000 dollars in cold hard cash earned while you slept.

How would that make your feel?

That is just a simple example of the power of a huge mailing list made up of opt-in, active and targeted traffic. And this is the power that will be handed over to you if you follow the tips and tricks outlined in this simple guide for newbies.

The World Has Changed in 2012..

A few decades ago, it would be impossible to place a sales message in front of a massive audience of 10,000 prospects with just a few dollars. Today with a mailing list in place it is now possible to send out a sales offer to a similar sized audience just by hitting the send button! The massive return on investment (ROI) offered by leveraging the power of a good sized mailing list is astounding.

A good sized mailing list made up of interested, targeted and active prospects is worth thousands of dollars, if not millions! This is the ultimate tool to build instant cash by sending out related offers to the subscribers of a list and raking in the profits from the sales generated or by taking affiliate commissions by promoting another marketer’s product or services.

Who This Guide is for:

1) A Beginner Who is Looking for Proven and Affordable Ways to Start Building a Mailing List Today.

2) An experienced marketer who is curious to discover new tactics to expand his current list of subscribers

3) Internet marketers who need to build a mailing list fast for an upcoming product launch.

The Big Questions

Are Your Frustrated by the Constant Changes in the Algorithms of the Search Engines?

Would You like to Escape the Erratic Ranking System and the Unpredictable Flow of Traffic from Search Engines?

Do You Have Multiple Websites Promoting Different Affiliate Offers and You Need Highly Converting Sales letters but Don’t Have the Cash to Get it Done Professionally?

Would You Like to Have a List of Prospects Ready to Tap into For Your Next Product Launch?

Do You Want to Know How the Pros Get it Right Every Time?

A Growing Phenomenon That is Here to Stay

The truth is that after all of these years online with different fads surfacing and then fizzing out there is one platform that always remains solid and that is the email. Even the biggest corporations know the power and promise that emails hold for our future.

Millions of dollars have been invested by the biggest online players to build the best and the most reliable email platforms around.

We all know by now that having a large email list means getting access to easy, fast cash anytime you want. So why are some marketers STILL without a list? You already know that the money is in the list.

What is the biggest stumbling block that prevents people from starting their own list building venture?

The fact is that we all move away from whatever we perceive as painful and gravitate towards the pleasurable things in life.

If you have been procrastinating in your list building effort, chances are you have associated some kind of pain with this activity. Your subconscious mind will do everything possible to prevent you from taking the necessary action and getting to where you really want to go.

When you are in possession of a large mailing list you have the ultimate power that all Internet marketers want to have and yearn for- the ultimate freedom from the search engine tyrants and bullies!

This Guide Will Reveal to You..

  • The Real Reasons Why You Need to Build a Responsive Mailing List and How to Do It Even if You Have Limited Cash in Your Pocket.
  • Discover Amazing New Ways to Tap Into Another Person’s Mailing List or Connections to Grow Your List.
  • Find out How You Can Build a Large and Responsive List of Subscribers.
  • How to End Your Online Struggles and Free Yourself from Unpredictable Search Engine Algorithm Changes.
  • Ten Killer Ways to Build a Massive List Fast Without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket

The REAL Dangers of Relying on the Search Engines and SEO

Traffic is and will always be the lifeblood of any Internet marketing business. More traffic leads to more money.

With SEO you get the money when your site reaches the top of the search engine and make zero..zilch..nada when the unpredictable algorithm doesn’t go your way.

There is always the danger of back linking spamming, keyword stuffing spam or any other stuff that the search engine “masters” may accuse you of and then hand out what punishment they like.

You see, when your traffic depends on the search engines your income, your money and your power lies in getting their approval. Once you are out of favor, your site is penalized and that spells the end of the hard work and money that has been invested into building the site.

So you have to start all over again from scratch.

There is even the aspect of negative SEO to worry about.

Search engine traffic is never free either. It takes tons of money to build the right SEO compliant site and to implement a strategic SEO back linking method to get your sites ranked.

The worse thing is that the algorithms keep changing more often than you change your underwear.

The situation is very different when you have a mailing list.

With a mailing list you never, ever have to worry too much about losing traffic from an erratic search engine mechanism.

How is that for a refreshing change?

With a mailing list, the power is in YOUR HANDS.

You decide when you want to channel traffic to an offer page and you are not dependent on the desires and manipulation of some heartless, cold-blooded SEO master.

The Newbie Friendly
List Building Techniques 2012
The Top Ten Low Cost Tactics Any Newbie Can Use
to Build a Huge List in Less than 90 Days!

  • A 55 page user guide that reveals the secrets newbies need to know to start their first list building campaign.

  • No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • One Advanced List Building Technique for Newbie Hit the Buy Now Button and Make the Smart Move Today

So What Do You Need to Make Money from a List?

There are 3 (THREE) Timeless Basic Rules:

Rule #1: A Group with a Mutual Desperate Need. The MORE desperate they are, the EASIER it will be to sell and the MORE money you will make.

Rule #2: Find Out Their Biggest and Worse Fear. People will do ANYTHING to avoid this kind of pain and they will be on the lookout for ways to avoid it.

Rule #3: Offer an effective solution. This is a very important step in the process. You need to offer an effective solution that has been proven in order to win the trust and build a meaningful relationship with your subscriber list.

There is simply no doubt about it. In the volatile virtual landscape and the turbulent economy we have at the moment it makes perfect sense to start building your own mailing list if you don’t already have one in place. This will be your ultimate route to a peaceful, successful and fulfilling life ahead.

Can you start to imagine the possibilities right now?

What if you didn’t have a boss around the corner to track your every move and demand that you give the best of yourself for a paltry salary in return for your hard work?

Can you imagine having all of the freedom and time you want to live the life of your dreams, the way you want it with extra cash on hand each and every week from your own mailing list campaigns?

Remember, with the List Building for Newbies, You Will Learn..

  • How to Start Building Your Own Mailing List Effectively Without any Frustrations.

  • How to Prevent Yourself from Engaging in Time-Wasting Activities.

  • How to Avoid Cash Draining Campaigns that Return a Less than Desirable Return on Your Investment.

  • How to Get the Maximum Number of Sign-Ups from Your Opt In Page.

Other Stuff You Will Discover in this Guide:

  • What Does it Take to Build a Great List

  • How to Develop Rapport with Your Subscribers

  • How to Build Loyal Customers

  • How a Well Maintained Mailing List Can Bring in an Automated, Steady Flow of Monthly Income

  • Understand Why a List is an Asset

  • How to Save Time and Money by Leveraging Another Person’s Existing List

  • A New and Unique Way How to Do JVs with Bloggers

  • Discover what the Essential Elements of a Successful List Building Campaign are.

  • How to Maintain a Clean, Highly Responsive List of Subscribers

Imagine the Freedom and Power you will have with your very own Mailing List..

  • You can channel visitors on demand without ever relying on paid traffic and search engine visitors.

  • Enjoy repeat visitors any time you want by sending an email notification

  • Easy initial sales for your product launches

  • Fast affiliate sales of products from other marketers

  • Sharing of ideas and insights

  • Generate quick blog comments to your blog posts anytime you like.

  • Enjoy more likes and votes to your sales page or blog posts and articles

  • And much, much more..

New Doors of Opportunity Will Be Flung Wide Open for You When You Have a Good Sized Mailing List..

There is another great advantage of a large mailing list: it gives you great bargaining power when you want another marketer to promote your products and services to their list. Just offer to promote theirs to your own list in exchange. Both of you will get free targeted traffic and extra sales.

This gives you additional leverage to benefit from your online campaigns that is inaccessible to folks with zero subscribers on their mailing list.

In essence, building and owning a good mailing list has nothing to do with..

§ Being a genius
§ The level of experience you have
§ How old or young you are


§ It does not depend on your SEO skills
§ It doesn’t require as much investment as a PPC campaign or SEO back link building

It has everything to do with following a simple, step-by-step executable plan of action that gives you the desired results.

This guide will reveal how to plan your mailing list campaign and share ten ways of how to direct traffic instantly to your landing page.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try it risk free today! You never have to worry about losing money with this offer as your purchase is 100% guaranteed.

If after the purchase of this guide you do not have a single new idea you can use to start your first list building campaign or enhance your existing campaign then simply return the guide to us for a full and prompt refund.No Questions Asked.

All purchases may be refunded within 30 days of purchase. Just send a P.M. or an email to our support desk and we will refund your money within 48 hours.

We wish you nothing but success.

Leonard Schwartz